International Hairdresser Chloe Sandoz talks about

Popular Hair Extensions in London 

Do you wear hair extensions yourself?

Yes! I have tried many different techniques but my favourite has to be the Easilocks Individual Micro Ring Technique as they can be worn in many different ways and are easy to hide. I am currently wearing a clip in hair extension from the Beauty Works Invisi Weft Range which I custom made and sewn on clips.

What Hair Extension Companies do you use?

My favourite hair extension brands are Richy Hair, Easilocks, Beauty Works and SWAY. All four brands offer something different for every hair type and method. I have tried and tested all hair brands mentioned so can recommend all based on price and quality. 

Which method is your personal favorite?

Micro Rings, as they are small and discreet. They can also be used for Micro Wefts which are quick and create a full voluptuous look! 

Whats the most common technique that your clients ask for?

Tape and Micro Weft.


Whats the advantages of Tape hair extensions?

They lay flat against your head/ hair which makes them comfortable.

You can mix up the colours as they sandwich together. 

You may not need a full head, you might just want a few to thicken up the sides of your hair.

For more information please pop in to Ozzie Rizzo Mayfair, London or alternatively email 


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