Hair Extension

Method / Application  





Mini tips are applied using small copper rings, which are colour matched to the root of the hair. 

A small amount of natural hair is looped in to the small copper ring and then the mini tip extension is carefully fixed inside the copper ring. Finally the copper ring is gently clamped together flat against the head.


100 Strands of Mini Tips  can take approximately 2 hours.

Maintenance can take from 3 hours depending on aftercare and treatment of hair extensions.


Recommended every 4-8 weeks. 

The mini tips are re usable for up to 3-4 instalments.





Injection Tapes are the most discreet hair extension. The hair extensions come with a medical grade tape which sandwich in between a slice of hair and lay completely flat against your head. They are positioned so that you are able to wear your hair up. 


A full head of Injection Tapes can take approximately 1-2 hours.

Maintenance can take from 2-3 hours dependant on aftercare.


Recommended every 4-8 weeks.

Injection tapes can be re used up to a year, once they are removed they are cleaned and re-taped ready to be re installed.


Micro Weave 


Micro weave is  a similar technique to the mini tip method, instead it is a hair piece which is attached using your own hair and is clamped in place using small aluminium rings. 

Your hair holds the weft in place from bottom to top whilst the weft sits in between and lays flat against your head.



3 Rows of Micro Weave can take  approximately 2 hours.

Maintenance can take from 2 hours.


Recommended every 4-8 weeks. The weft is re usable and can last up to a year.




Nano Tips


Nano Tips are very similar to Mini Tips, except are they are smaller and instead of just the hair tip there is a silicomb thread which is clamped in with the hair. They are feather light and are perfect for fine- medium hair. 


100 Strands of Nano Tips  can take approximately 2 hours.

Maintenance can take from 2 hours depending on aftercare and treatment of hair extensions.



Recommended every 4-8 weeks. The Nano tips are re usable and can last up to a year.


All Hair Extensions used are Ethically Sourced, 100% Remy & Hand Selected by only the trusted Hair Extension Companies on the market today.

Hair Extensions can be re used up to a year following the correct after care.

A Deposit will be requested to cover the cost of the Hair Extensions and the Service. 

Please allow 48 hours for hair delivery prior to your hair fitting.
Hair extensions should be maintained between 4-8 weeks to protect your own hair.
Hair cuts are included in a 'Maintenance Service'. 

Quality hair extension companies which I recommend:

Remi Cachet


Beauty Works



Before & After

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Injection Tape Hair 16"

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IMG_4265 - Copy - Copy.JPG

Mini Tips 20" 


Micro weave & Mini Tips in 20" 


Micro Weave 24" 

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Hair Extensions

Aftercare Advice

It is advisable that you attend regular maintenance every 6-8 weeks, this way you will avoid damaging your own hair.

Before washing, you should de-tangle your hair starting from the ends and working your way up to your roots. I would recommend using: 

Tangle Tamer Brush Use code LFTFCHLOESANDOZ to receive 20% off!

Invest in a professional Shampoo to protect your new hair extensions. This will prolong the quality and condition of the hair extensions.

I recommend using:

Olaplex No4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo Use code LFTFCHLOESANDOZ to receive 20% off!

Olaplex No5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner Use code LFTFCHLOESANDOZ to receive 20% off!

Wash your hair extensions with lukewarm water in an upright position.

Avoid using very hot water as this will fade the hair colour of the hair extensions and you may find the hair will become brittle.

Never shampoo hair extensions over side of a bath, always shampoo hair in an upright position or in a salon basin.

Keep Conditioner and Oils away from the root area. Too much product around the joining area of a hair extension can lead to product build up which may compromise the performance of your hair extensions.

Do not wash hair more than 3 times per week.

Squeeze out water through lengths and ends of hair, pat dry or squeeze water with a towel. Ruffling the hair extension cuticle is likely to cause matting and will make hair difficult to work with when drying / styling.

Apply a Blow-dry Lotion through lengths and ends of hair, ideally a product that protects from Heat and UV Rays.

I recommend: Olaplex No6 Bond Smoother

Dry hair and hair extensions using a medium heat in an upright position and use the Tangle Tamer brush to gently de-tangle through hair.

Do Not use heat styling tools near to the root of the hair extensions.

Do Not twist hair extensions near the root, this will cause damage to your own natural hair as well as the hair extension.

Never sleep with your hair down, always tie up or wear in a plait to prevent matting.

Do Not swim in Salt water or Chlorinated water, as this can leave a coating on the hair and may compromise the condition.

Never attempt to remove any of  your hair extensions yourself, this can cause damage to your own hair.